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Brazilian Architect Isay Weinfeld took inspiration from the natural world when designing his first New York City residential project, Jardim. The West Chelsea homes for sale at Jardim—which is Portuguese for “garden”—are clothed in natural textures and tones and feature floor-to-ceiling windows and doors that break down the barrier between the inside and out. This organic sensibility extends to the project’s amenities, which include a raised terrace, planted with gardens that feature a canopy of native evergreens, and a lap pool that is surrounded by reclaimed oak paneling and terrazzo floors and lit from above by skylights.

A Jardim Grows in West Chelsea; Isay Weinfeld-Designed Condos Selling From $1.96M

The new West Chelsea homes for sale at Jardim take their name from the Portuguese word for garden, a moniker that is no mistake. Jardim’s 36 apartments are spread between two buildings on an expansive lot that will be filled to the brim with lush gardens and plantings that bring to mind rainforests and thick jungle canopies. Between the lush garden spaces and the earth-toned luxury apartments above—which feature an innovative floor-to-ceiling glass door and a window system that blurs the line between interior rooms and outdoor terraces—Jardim is an oasis of green in Manhattan’s urban jumble.

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Celebrity architect Isay Weinfeld has teamed up with Greyscale Development Group and Centaur Properties to create Jardim, a 36-unit luxury condominium in West Chelsea. Spread across a pair of 11-story towers and surrounded by two levels of lushly landscaped gardens, Jardim is also just a stone’s throw from another more recognizable, but significantly less private, green space: the High Line.

Garden City: Brazilian Starchitect Isay Weinfeld Gives Nature a Star Turn at His New High Line Condo

The High Line isn’t the only park making waves in West Chelsea. On West 27th Street, the Isay Weinfeld-designed Jardim, a collection of luxury condos for sale, is turning heads in its direction, partly because it is awash in greenery, too. Weinfeld’s first multifamily contribution to the New York cityscape includes a two-story, 2,000-square-foot park with seating areas, walking paths, and an outdoor sculpture. Upon completion, the Greyscale Development Group and Centaur Properties-developed building will house 36 one- to four-bedroom homes, including a handful of duplexes, many with exterior terrace space, as well as amenities like a privacy-protecting car tunnel to the main lobby, an underground garage, and automated parking.

From the Ground Up

When you walk the long hallway from 26th or 27th Street toward the central entrances to Jardim, you could be forgiven for believing that you’re inside a film. The cinematic design elements, from the dramatic subterranean entrance to the panoramic windows that look out on West Chelsea, to the carefully curated landscaping that envelops much of Jardim’s lot, are all courtesy of Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld’s unique narrative approach to design. With Jardim, Weinfeld wanted to invite residents into a private space, and the result is a set of 36 exclusive West Chelsea homes that feel as secluded as any apartment along the world-famous High Line Park could be.

Isay Weinfeld

Growing up in São Paulo, Isay Weinfeld was inspired by movies, and he wanted to be a filmmaker. Fortunately for us all, he took this narrative impulse with him when he began his career as an architect, and this attention to structure and flow is nowhere more evident than Weinfeld’s first New York City residential project, Jardim. The West Chelsea development takes its name—“garden” in Portuguese—from the landscaped terrace that spans much of Jardim’s lot, though the name can also be interpreted as the desired state of mind for residents. Weinfeld’s flowing design encourages them to move easily from one room to another, and from inside to outside, through use of shifting natural tones and expansive floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Despite its bustling surroundings, Jardim is a self-contained Manhattan moment, a secret garden waiting to be discovered.

Urban oasis: Isay Weinfeld unveils Jardim, his first residential project in New York

In the glass and metal landscape of West Chelsea, there are two splashes of green: one is the world-famous High Line Park, and the other is Jardim. The first New York City residential project from Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld, Jardim is a 36-unit luxury West Chelsea condominium project that seeks to bring a slice of natural beauty to the high-art haven. The lot will house two separate apartment buildings as well as an elevated, lushly planted terrace and a residents’ swimming pool and gym facilities below. The apartments themselves feature private outdoor space and floor-to-ceiling windows that take full advantage of the views looking out on Jardim’s garden and the Chelsea neighborhood.

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New Yorkers seeking a slice of nature in their backyard need look no further than Jardim, the new luxury West Chelsea homes between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues. Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld brought his avant-garde aesthetic to New York for Jardim, resulting in a condo development with two buildings connected by lush gardens planted with greenery, as inspired by the nearby High Line park. Each of the 36 bespoke residences at Jardim feature private outdoor space that blends with the interior rooms to create breathing living areas that look out on Jardim’s gardens and the High Line.

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Award-winning Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld is bringing his signature natural aesthetic to Manhattan with 36 luxury West Chelsea condominiums. The project, named “Jardim” (meaning “garden” in Portuguese), will create a secluded natural space in the middle of the bustling city, providing a secret garden to which residents can retreat at the end of a long day. Residents will enter the development via a private driveway, live among and above lush gardens that span the lot between the two buildings, and look out at the famous High Line Park from their spacious residences.

Brazilian Architect Isay Weinfeld To Build 36 High Line Condos

Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld is poised to make his New York debut along the formerly industrial stretch of West Chelsea between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues, which has been a hot spot for upscale development since the High Line Park opened a few years ago. Weinfeld’s project, dubbed “Jardim,” takes inspiration from the High Line to create an isolated natural space for residents of its 36 West Chelsea homes. The project, which will consist of two buildings connected by lush gardens planted with greenery and trees, will provide residents access to many luxury amenities, including an indoor pool, a gym, parking, and bike storage.